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Squishy Stress Relief Sensory Toys Fidget Spiky Ball 5 – Pcs Set –Squeezy & Bouncy Antistress Toy Balls


  • PRESENTING YOUR NEW FAVORITE ANTISTRESS ACCESSORY!You can let go of noisy fidget spinners and clickety-clicking stress relief cubes. Squeeze and play with your new rubber ball and helpcalm your mind, reduce your anxiety, and re-direct your focus; and not just you, this fantastic accessory is for the whole family!
  • PLAY, MASSAGE, RELAX, & FOCUS! One small, compact ball can do all that? Why yes! Our desk rubber balls are excellent fidget toys that help you decrease your stress levels and calm your mind, all while being fun to play with, AND featuring little soft spikes that will gently massage your hands as you do!
  • QUIT SMOKING & NAIL-BITING MORE EASILY! Our fidget bouncy balls are the best wayto distract your mind from thinking about smoking that cigarette or biting your nails; squeeze them and focus on them until your craving disappears, and get one step closer to ending the bad habit once and for all!
  • IDEAL FOR MANY STRESS-RELATED CONDITIONS! Fidget toys are highly recommended for everyone, but they are especially helpful for people who have ADD, OCD, ADHD, autism, depression, and other similar conditionssince they can help shift someone’s attention and thus highly reduce their stress levels!
  • FUN & HANDY PRESENT THAT EVERYONE WILL APPRECIATE! Who doesn’t love a bit of mental decompression, whether they’re at their school or office?And what easier way to do it than gently –and quietly –squeeze and play with an acupressure ball that also massages your hands? That is why everyone will be able to appreciate your fun gift –and love you for it!

Product description

for Men, Women, Adults, Teens & Children –Ideal for People with OCD, ADHD, ADD & Autism

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